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all about our awesome team

I guess you were always wondering who is behind this amazing, unique, meaningful, impactful and cool concept? Well, hello let’s introduce us to you🔥💥☄️

our amazing host

Taking turns, each episode is hosted by one of the 4 Idiots. As the host of the episode one Idiot is spared and solely responsible for guiding the viewers through the show and communicating the concept of Idiots Try. The host is accountable for introducing the challenges and experts and has the power to sabotage and interfere with the idiots’ challenges from the outside. Simultaneously the 3 remaining idiots receive their “Activity of the day” and are challenged to test their skills in various fun, active activities while being accompanied by an expert. Each of them has a different activity they must face. Trying new things and feeling confident about it is the main motivation of the show, as the viewers might discover new passions and interests and end up trying the presented activities for themselves.